Founded by Ghidini family in 1930 in Lumezzane, a town close to Brescia, well known for his specialization in metals manufacturing, Frabosk has ever produced house ware.

'30s Through the energy produced by the water of lacal river Gobbia, around the Thirties we started the production of brass items.

'40s In the Forties we started using die casting machines, and arrived the electric energy.
I in the Sixties the company name changed and become Frabosk.

'50s In the Fiftieswe began producing iron chrome plate and we strted using the first chrome machine "a giostra" in Italy.

'60s In the Sixties we see the successfull sale of silver spoons and the begnning of stainless steel houseware realization.
During this here we inest a lot in new machines and robot, becaming leader in plate production.

'70s In the Seventies we developed the manifacturing of triple bottom pots and pans.

'80s The Eighties were the years of diet cooking lines and bomb shaped lines, novelties on the market.

'90s In the Ninties we came out with our paatented cappuccino creamer and our "Idee Brillanti".

Nowadays Nowdays we keep our market leading in the production of stainless steel, aluminium, non stick aluminium, copper and plastic high quality houseware despite the urge of the chinese competition.